Chef Rachel Green in the Local Kitchen

Welcome to The Lincolnshire Kitchen, the cookery show dedicated to bringing the finest Lincolnshire food and drink from field to plate in every show.

Rachel Green and other Award-winning Chefs visit Lincolnshire’s farmers, growers, and suppliers to find out about some of the freshest, most tastiest local products available, from fruit, vegetables, and dairy to confectionery and beverages. These ingredients are then turned into delicious dishes that can be easily recreated at home.   

Rachel Green has been cooking up some delights at the Lincolnshire Show 2016 using produce from Welbeck Bakehouse, Fairburns Eggs, Redhill Farm Free Range Pork and Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese. Look out for the Lincolnshire Kitchen special episode coming soon!

The Lincolnshire Kitchen is created and produced by East Coast Pictures. The series launched in Summer 2013 at the Lincolnshire Show and has gone on to include Christmas specials and seasonal recipes filmed at Lincoln Castle. It is featured in Lincolnshire Life magazine, Good Taste magazine, and is available to view right here and on YouTube

You can also find more recipes and suppliers from Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire in our sister programme, The Local Kitchen

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